Now that's the way to fundraise...

UPDATE ONE WEEK LATER: Sid and the boys helped to raise $1200 for the racing team! Their fundraising prowess was only outdone by luscious pantie sooz, who raised $50 in 3 minutes to pay for a stripper to give her bachelorette an inpromptu lap dance. Well done everyone! Good luck to the 'Pound as they head to the Irish Sea...


Running with the Dawg Pound

Wiggle yourself into your leather panties. It's time to ride over to the 100+year-old, ultracool HQ of the SF Motorcycle Club.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Door 8pm, Show 9pm
With special guests

This is a benefit to send the Dawg Pound Racing team to ride in one of the most bad-ass motorcycle events in the world: the venerable Isle of Man TT.

Normally a private clubhouse, the SFMC is opening its doors to all luscious panties and their luscious friends. Definitely not to be missed.

The Dawg Pound in action:


Birthday Party for Abe Lincoln

Save the date for the next SLAP gig!!!

Abe Lincoln's Birthday Bash
El Rio, your favorite dive
Mission at Valencia
Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Gather your beards and stovepipe hats and join hundreds of your fellow emancipators. We will have a pre-party to costume-up (location TBA). For inspiration circa halloween '05, click here.

This show is sponsored by the SF Party Party. Miss it at your own peril.


Buy the album, baby

The wait was worth it. After longing for the "LIFE, STYLE..." record to be released for decades, it is finally available for purchase -- not on vinyl, but on CD Baby. Click here for the special price of $10.

Evangelize to your friends & pass a copy onto them. CD Baby has a 50% discount when you buy more than one copy. Be your most generous self. Give the gift of Sid.


QUIZ: do YOU have what it takes?

[Give yourself one point for each positive response]
  1. You have no choice since you're friends with the band.
  2. You're friends w/the band and STILL think the music is awesome.
  3. You were around to see video kill the radio star.
  4. You had a Swatch to match every outfit.
  5. You can, like, totally talk valley girl.
  6. You've harbored wet dreams starring one (or more) members of Duran Duran.
  7. You know how to spell "Luscious."
  8. You believe life is art.
  9. You love all things 80s.
  10. You hate all things 80s, but love a good time.
0-3 pts = Busted! You're not wearing any underwear right now, are you?!
4-8 pts = Awesome! Whether a lace g-string or leather thong, you are definitely pantie material.
9-10 pts = Total groupie! You win the coveted Comfortable Panties Prize. After all, we didn't really start worrying about pantylines 'til the 90s.

Comfortable Panties Prize


People talk... about a Seattle gig

Word on the street is Sid's planning a Seattle show sometime this winter. You know what this means: road trip for the Panties!

Stay tuned for tour dates and travel arrangements. We will try to book hotel rooms in the same place as the band for post-show parties and shameless groupie action!

Who's going??? Post your level of interest in the 'comments' section here...


Panty Raid at the Red Devil

The Pants rocked the Lounge to a packed crowd of screaming Panties. Upstaging the headlining act, Sid and the boys proved that they can out80s the 80s.

Welcome to our 500th member of the Luscious Panties, MarnieN! She will receive an autographed pair of panties and the chance to win a dream date with sultry bass player Nemius LaRue!

What The... T.What!!!

[Stunts sponsored by the San Francisco Party Party.]


Pony's new mane

Hey gals, what do you think of the new 'do?!?!
Hot Hot Hot! Or Not?

Hate or date - throw in your 2ยข here...


LIFE, STYLE... here at last!

"This is the album that we wish Duran Duran could have written."
- Simon LeBon

Be among the first to get your fingerless gloves on Life, Style... the most anticipated record for more than two decades.
Sid commands pure 80s magic: Japanese scientists predict the album will skyrocket to the top of the charts faster than you can say "push the button."

Follow your heart and start practicing your awesome dance moves. If you're a square peg and don't make it to the cd release party, click here to buy the album from CD Baby.


He'll always be Rhino to us

With his sunglasses focused on the horizon, the endangered Maximum Rhino has ill-advisedly (and perhaps illegally) changed his name to Maximum Future.

The Luscious Panties summoned the help of local animal rights activists and responded with a "Save the Rhino" media campaign.

"We will not be deterred by the whims of our beloved but impetuous keyboardist," the group's spokesperson stated Tuesday.

Insiders deny that the name change has spurred copyright infringment litigation brought by 80s personality Max Headroom, and also dismiss rumors that the young Rhino intends to leave the Pants for a completely digital existence.


Get tix..and fast

There's no way this show isn't going to sell out once word gets out tonight at the Cat Club. Those 80's cats are going to be all over this. Get your tix fast, panties. Today could be your last chance to see Sid and the boys. I'm totally serious.

Open your 'Eyes

Sid and the Pants are opening for 80s hitsters Naked Eyes, best known for their majestic cover of the Burt Bacharach fave, There's Always Something There to Remind Me, and their second album's follow-up hit, title track Promises, Promises.

Be among the first 150 to arrive at the Red Devil Lounge Oct23rd screaming "Sid! Sid!" and you will receive a free CD.

Buy tix online now before they sell out (either the tickets or the band). Type "pants" in the promo code to receive a special discount for their most devoted fans.

In the future you'll be able to impress friends with "hey I've been seeing Sid shows since, like, way before the stadium tour."


Calling all New Romantics!

Musical prodigies-turned-midcareer rockstars, the sexy sextet Sid Luscious & The Pants are about to hit the big time...and their #1 fans are back to shake our panties!!

ANNOUNCING! The official re-launch of the
sun, oct23rd, 2005 | noonish til showtime
    • Panty-making party!
    • Kickball?!
    • Fuzzy navels & potato skins!
    • Special cameo by our eastside rep, suaNYC!
RSVP 2 STUDIO755. It's time to party like it's 1984!!!